When I loose motivation I…

Good day runners!

This title may be a little bit misleading. It may sound like I am in a state of low motivation and inspiration. In fact, I am not. I am more on fire to run than I usually am. With the weather warming and the flowers blooming I can’t find a reason not too. I have been contemplating my summer running schedule and have realized this is probably the last “free” summer I have. I have a very part time job and may take on another, but I am otherwise free to do what I want. Next summer I will (hopefully) work a lot more to save for a car, college, etc. My basic plan is to train for a half marathon at the end of summer, so I will start that specific plan at the beginning of June. I also am doing a triathlon in August, so I will be doing lots of two-a-days like my last 2 summers. I can’t wait!

Back on subject….I hit some pretty low motivational periods so I know what it feels like. Here’s some tips for avoiding/treating running “blehs”-

  1. Keep running in perspective-A lot of times I fall in to a trap of bad runs that just makes me dread running. I have to remind myself I run because I enjoy it and that the world isn’t going to blow up if I have a crummy run (or miss one). Always remember what is more important and make sure you keep those in a higher priority; that will often help make running more run.
  2. Treasure every opportunity to run/workout-I have been learning to appreciate every run., every step I take towards my goals and fitness. Treating the opportunity to run/workout like a gift makes it more precious.
  3. Have the right goals-Many people start to run for weight loss, but don’t stick with it once they hit their goal. In my case, I ran first and then decided to loose weight. In the past I have just seen running as a way to scorch calories-don’t think that way! It is damaging mentally and makes running a chore. I have since cleaned up my thinking and now focus of actual running goals (Half marathon! Marathon!). Don’t have one? Make one!
  4. Have a “fall in love with running again” week-I do this between training cycles and when I’m getting low on the motivation scale. Basically I stick to 3-4 runs with no goal pace or distance. On the running day I check in with how I feel to estimate about how far to go. The actual runs can be whatever you want. The point is to mix it up and make it new. Get new music, run through the park trail instead of around it, run in another location (drive somewhere or go to another neighborhood), run without music if you usually do or with it if you usually go without, speed up when you want or do the opposite. On one of my runs I ran to a library path near our house, went through the gardens, and then rested before sprinting as hard as I could up a hill to see how fast I could go.
  5. If all else fails: take time off-I’d say a week or so. ‘Nuff said.

This week was successful in that I did some great runs and I think I have improved my 5K PR (ya! new paces!). Tomorrow I plan to work more on my running scrapbook (finally). I have lately been devouring this book once again:


Big thing from this book I practice everyday: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Happy running!


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