February First: Half Marathon (Recap)


Well, today I finished my first half marathon (Richland Run Fest-RRF)! It was so fun and I am so glad I did it. I’m very satisfied with the experience and can’t wait to run another half.


This is simple. As it’s my first race of this distance, I have no time or pace goal, so the goals were

  • Finish (yup, got the medal to prove it!) *This accomplished my February First – Run a Half Marathon
  • Have fun! (Oh yeah, major check)

Morning Of

This morning I woke up at 6:00, showered, blah, blah, blah. I ate my porridge at about 7, then my toast at 8 and drank my last water at 8 as well. I am experimenting with when to stop drinking water and how much so that I can go to the bathroom a lot before starting but then not have to go during.

The Start

It was a smaller group of runners so there wasn’t a huge pile up or anything. It was chip timed, etc. and I got off to a good start. Felt good, kept it to a slower warm up pace the first couple miles. About 2.4 mi. in I had to go so I stopped at the park restroom building (a modest 54 second stop….not too bad) and then continued….I was fine for the rest of the race. All the miles were marked, but it was at times a little bit confusing because the marathoners run it twice, so there would be a 3 mile sign and then a 16 mile sign. I was trying to keep track of my mile splits, but at some point (around 7 or 8 miles in) there was confusion (either the set-up or my fault) and I got confused on what signs meant what. I stayed on the course, just didn’t know when to count the mile splits. No biggie, since I wasn’t really worried about time.

I was really enjoying it and just having fun being around all the other runners. The volunteers were great and very clear when you asked question (Me: Do you have Gatorade? Them: Yup! *they stick out Gatorade hand*).

Nearing the End

I texted my groupies when I was about 20 minutes from the end so they could be all ready to great me/take pics, etc. They made a little row of hands to clap. It was pretty cool. I have to admit I was feeling kind of bleh at mile 11 and that last mile stank. But I pressed on! I’m very proud of my accomplishments. I definitely drained my tank. There was nothing left at all. The medal I got is very cool….especially since it’s my first! 🙂

I didn’t have any muscle cramps (I honestly never get them when I’m running….maybe I’m just super strong :P) and actually felt fine muscle wise. Yes, I got tired, but nothing stood out. Except the hips. Oh man, I’m strengthening my hips more. The last mile was hurtin’ the hips. I still need to watch my finishing video and see how my form was. I’m kind of scared to 🙂

My official finish time: 2:26:01 (11:08 pace)

Post Race

After finishing I chatted a bit and then headed off to get my mocha frap (half sweet, no whip) and change into warm, dry clothes (sweat pants, sweatshirt….you get the idea). It was good, but I think I definitely can survive without sugary coffee drinks. I like real, simple coffee. I also ate left over grilled chicken and an apple.

At the award ceremony there was food (I skipped it, though). We waited for my age group and I got….second! Never mind it was out of 2. 😀 I got this trippy cup. So cool.

This is why it’s great to be in an either very young or very old age group….not much competition (with the exception of teenager boys….they made up most of the leading pack. They were so awesome).

At Home

I got home, took a bath (I like to take hot baths and stretch), etc. I haven’t been very productive, but I did some stuff. I’m about to eat dinner….rotisserie chicken, stuffing (my favorite anytime for special occasions), and salad.

I can’t wait to run another half. But I still keep thinking about the full. I think I just might run the RRF marathon next year. OK, I’m pretty set on it. Why not?

You may be wondering “did you meet your weight loss goal?”. Well, not really. I ended up “taking a break” during the holidays which kind of put me going in the opposite direction, got a cold, then had to try to get back to making my weight go down and not up. Before I knew it I was a few weeks out from my race and needing to feed my body more. But you know what, I learned form the whole thing. I AM 18 pounds lighter than I was 8 months ago and I can feel and see that much. I now know how to plan weight loss and have learned a lot about what works and doesn’t work for me. So I’m still journeying on (about 25 lbs. to go) and have my goals.

This was a day to remember and a great experience.

Enjoy your run!


P.S. I’ll get a video up soon!


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