Boston (IS) Strong

My, my….it happened again. Crazy busy past few weeks….

Last week I was preoccupied with thoughts of the Boston marathon. I dream of running it (multiple times!) and volunteering in the medical tent and/or being a spectator on my “off” years (a little outlandish, but who cares). I was very disappointed for Shalane Flanagan when I heard of her place, but that changed when I read her RW interview and actually realized how well she ran and that she actually met her goal. She did so great!

But when I heard Meb Keflezighi won….I was running through the house screaming (my family had no idea what I was saying….”meb keglizigi-who what?!”). I think it is an amazing victory for this year. I’m so proud of him…..he’s been one of my heroes since 2012.

This month the RW magazine had a great article on Theodore Roosevelt and his “paving the way” for runners, which I found highly amusing. I especially loved this thing his father told him:

“Theodore, you have the mind but you have not the body, and without the body the mind cannot go as far as it should. You must make your body.”

That just about sums everything up.

Last Saturday I had an amazing 11-miler. I ran earlier in the morning, which I always love the most, and had the greatest runners high I’ve had in a while…and it has been a while. Right now I have a bit of a cold (stress-induced…curse the last few weeks of school!), so I’m resting up. Maybe I’ll try running tomorrow.

I  have been thinking about how I compare a lot or my running ability to others based on how far I’ve ever run compared to so-and-so. But instead of thinking of it that way, I’ve though of all the miles I’ve run so far. I don’t have a good guess how many, but I know its a big number! Just sticking with it regularly for the long haul is what counts.

I’m officially doing some time off from losing weight. It’s a busy time and I need to focus on other things. Right now I’m a solid 144 lbs. which means I have less than 20 more lbs. to lose. I’m working on listening to stomach hunger and all that loll, so I’m basically maintaining. It will give my metabolism a break, too. In the summer (i.e. 4 weeks!) I plan to finish out my weight loss. I’m really appreciating how gradual it is…..must….stay….strong! 🙂

Speaking of summer…..I’ve been getting tan on my long runs. Actually, I haven’t been putting enough sunscreen on my face so it’s gotten a little red…oops. Anyway, I have a pretty defined tan line now. I’ve never been one for tanning (I don’t really care, plus it is technically a “burn”), but I’m always proud of my running singlet and sock tan lines. Boo-ya!

I’m so ready for summer vacation… really ready. Long days of running and training….oh, heaven. 🙂

I’ll check-in on Saturday!


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