Just a night away

I’m basically freaking out right now.


Ok, I’m good now.

This week went well. My hamstring has felt great, so I think skipping last Saturday’s 9 miler was a good call. I ran 3 EZ miles Thursday and went for a 1.6 mile walk today, I’m feeling rested and totally ready for tomorrow. Again, no goal time. I just want to enjoy the experience, the path, my music (:D), and maybe learn how to do my next one

even better.

I went to packet pickup today, got my bib and shirt. It was about dinner time so I went in and the first thing I smell is pizza. I was rather jealous. Everyone was chowing down. I’ve always wondered: who does packet pickup the morning of the race? I can’t stand not having everything laid out and in front of me before the race. Not knowing I have my bib and chip (in this case the chip is on my bib) for sure before the race would be so unnerving for me. How do you guys feel about the night before a race and the whole bib thing?

I was very good about getting lots of sleep all this week. The only exception was Wed. and Thurs. nights. I HAD to stay up to watch the ladies skating (I’m very glad I did…so worth it!). I used to be a figure skater, but I had to kind of give it up because, while I had lots of potential, I was self taught and couldn’t take lessons. Oh well, it’s still fun

to do. Anyway, I felt fine and not very tired so I think I’ll be ok.

Well, wish me luck! I hope It’s a good race. I’ll post a recap Saturday or Sunday and  get a video up on RW ASAP (I’ll post the link).

Me Right Now

 Me Right Now

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