The Case of the Missing Blogger

Well, the title says it all. I have some explaining to do about my absence. I call it post-bigrace syndrome. It causes bloggers to take weeks off from blogging after a big race they’ve been training hard for and dreaming of. I have fallen victim of this dreadful disease (then again, I think it’s fairly common).

The week after my race I did easy stuff. A week later I got a “24 hour cold” where I had a miserably sore throat and couldn’t talk. (I guess they weren’t kidding when they said your immune system weakens after long races. Go figure.)

The next week was my crazy piano week followed by a big week of turning school projects is (which involved lots of in front of class projects). I had a majorly active adrenal gland (I think I may have sprained it).

I starting the iron strength program. I’ve been wanting to really up my strength and it’s great. Dr. Metzl is also a favorite of mine. I actually started it on Wednesday after a nice “hill tempo” workout (that I designed for a specific location I’m near) the day before. Thursday, my big piano day, I woke up and thought I felt fine. Then I stood up and thought “Oh boy”. Wowzers, I was sore. I’ve gotten terrible soreness before, usually my hamstrings, where they were so tight I could barely sit up straight in bed. Well this got to my hamies, quads, glutes (maximus and medius), upper/mid back muscles (never experienced that before), and right calf (had to just throw that in there, huh?). Oh, my tris were a tad sore, but not too much (just the icing). The weird thing was they weren’t very tight (I could still easily touch the floor), just incredibly, unbelievably sore. Luckily it didn’t hurt to play piano. 😀 Just to walk to the piano bench. I was a little tense too, which the adjudicator mentioned. This whole experience took me out for 3 days!

I’m officially signed up for the Badger Mountain Challenge 15K! It’s with a 50K and 100 mi. racer, so there will be some super hardcore people there. It’s an intimate group, but they have tons of food, goodies, fuel, etc. out there, so it will have all the benefits. I also got the shirt, naturally.

A little note on my video recap that should have been…..I made it, but it’s been a while since I posted a video on RW and I can’t figure it out…..very frustrated. If I ever figure it out, I’ll post the link.

In many aspects of my life I’ve been comparing myself to others way more than usual (running included). Since I’m not much higher than average (maybe “talented average” in some areas), I really dis myself for not being amazing at this like that person I know. Then I have to remember that I was made the way I was supposed to be. I’m also reminded that God DOESN’T make junk! There’s a reason I have the gifts and personality that I do and a reason I don’t have other gifts or another personality.

So in the words of Mandisa:

Worship while you’re weeping
Worship while you’re waiting
Worship while you’re winning
The victory is ours
Shout out to Jesus
Shout out to Jesus

At all times
All times
I will bless the Lord
At all times


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