Discouraged While Running a Marathon for a Cause + An Update

Well, as you know, I am raising money for a cause (Compassion International Emergency Medical Assistance Fund) as I train for a marathon.

My first marathon, to be exact. 🙂

So far, I have only received one donation (plus another through a purchase). I have to admit, that’s really discouraging, especially since It’s my first independent fundraiser (and I’m so young). I’ve reached out through social media (including all my friends/family), but I’m not getting much response. 😦 I almost feel like it’s pointless, that no one will donate.

But I need to lose the bad attitude. I know God has a plan for this fundraiser and I need to trust He’ll work it out. Plus, the fund has $39 more than it had without my efforts, which is awesome! I need to be proud of that, proud of my efforts. I’m not giving up, I’m going to kick butt for these needy kids!

I was reflecting on how many people follow my blog – I hit the 60 mark! Wow, 60 people I don’t know are following my blog, paying attention to my training, interested in what I have to say. That’s something I never expected. I just need to say – Thanks You So Much! For following, for commenting, for supporting. It’s like a whole other group who supports and listens to me ramble. I was also thinking – what if everyone who followed me followed my fundraiser page on Facebook? It requires NO effort – click the button to your right to go to the page and hit “like”. 60 more likes would make me sooo happy – gosh, I would be able to run 50 miles! (OK, maybe not, but you get the idea). And what if everyone that followed me gave up just 1 premium coffee, smoothie, trip to the juice bar, or whatever – that would mean that you each gave $4-5 (and saved some calories 🙂 ), totaling $240-300! WOW, that adds up QUICK! Or, you could simply give a dollar – not much of a dent to you, but it would make me ecstatic!

If you would like to give and get something, you could order a frame ornament I made: check them out here! (Scroll down a bit to find the pictures and info).

I suppose I should update – I’ve been sick with a super nasty flat-on-my-back-watching-amazon-prime cold since Tuesday. I’ve been up a bit for the last couple days, but feeling crummy. That after a very light week to let my hip flexor strain or whatever get better, so I haven’t done a hard workout in forever – it’s driving me crazy! Getting sick was actually the best thing that could have happened to me, because my hip/muscles got solid, quality rest. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂 I’m not worrying – heck, a few weekends ago I ran 17 miles NON-STOP, and that was early in my training plan. I’ll have time for three 20-milers before my race once I’m up again  -I’ll be fine. Physical Therapy is is order for my hip. I’m excited, because I found this local lady who runs a small practice and is very involved in the local running community – she actually organizes the series that was my first race ever! How cool is that! She has some very good rehab philosophies and I think her style will be really good for me – can’t wait for my appt.!

Run on!


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