When someone notices….

Some weeks I don’t feel like I have anything to say, so I don’t blog. Today I feel like I have to much to say, but I’m keeping this post limited (I’ll even skip the whole Thanksgiving recap 🙂

A couple weeks ago, I was feeling super down. I had been having a hard time keeping to my diet plan and the scale wouldn’t budge (well, to be honest it would go up, and down, up, and down, but it was all water weight). One night I decided to just stop pouting and encourage myself. I wrote this. To be honest, I feel like I’m sharing a page of my diary, but I think you all understand.


I need to remember all of that.

On a happier note, I was at the gym on the bike last week and an older gentleman came up to me. I recognized him – he’s been a regular at the time I go for as long as I remember. He asked me “how much weight have you lost in the past year”. I thought a moment and said “about 30” (really, it’s taken the last 17 months). His response was “I wish I could do that!”, while patting his (not that large) belly. He told me that he’s seen how much I’ve progressed and that I look good (don’t worry, he wasn’t creepy or anything – clearly just encouraging me). It was the first thing anyone has said to me on the subject. I never noticed it, but that’s been bothering. People, I used to weight almost 170 lbs. and I’m now in the upper 130’s, and no one has said anything. Maybe they noticed, but it’s possible that it was so gradual the didn’t. I don’t really have a group of people (or anyone, really) who are on this journey with me, so I don’t have anyone but you to share with and be encouraged by. I even people say to others in groups I’m in “I love your dress, it’s so flattering! Have you lost weight?”. They say they have, and I didn’t even notice myself. It couldn’t have been more than 5 pound, and I have kicked my butt to lose 30. Sorry if I’m just whining now, but that hurts. It almost fuels me to push harder…

Speaking of pushing harder, I may have pushed too hard. The front of my right hip has been bugging me for the past 4 weeks. I’ve iced, stretched, rolled, etc. and found my right hip flexors are tight and my right quad is sometimes tender. I’m praying and hoping it’s a slight muscle strain or tendonitis, not a stress fracture. I’m seeing a doc tomorrow.

I skipped my run today, but it was due more to unrelated muscle soreness, tiredness, and maybe a bit of laziness. It was actually a crummy day – I just felt “off”. I felt so hungry and I just gave up my calorie deficit and ate until I wasn’t hungry anymore. I think I’ve been shooting for too large of a deficit. I’m thinking I need to not rush it, and shoot to lose .5-1 lb./week. It’s hard when you’ve lost a lot already and are getting close to your goal weight.

I’m super excited for my birthday next week! I’ve actually not been thinking much of it – I’ve been far to busy buying Christmas gifts. I love Christmas shopping….

I forgot to gloat on Saturday that I ran 17 miles! I was stoked. I actually felt pretty strong the whole way, and my form was good until the last 1.5ish mi. It was fun – there was steady snow/hail the whole time, but it wasn’t coming down super hard. I’m so proud of me and how far I’ve come in my running distances. I was on planned pace, too.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learned so far in my marathon training:
1. Do tons of base strength training. Keep those hips, glutes, and deep core muscles strong!

2. Don’t try to maintain a large calorie deficit. You don’t get anywhere but deeper in the mud.

3. Enjoy your food – make healthy food tasty, not bland! This way you don’t over eat.

4. Listen super hard to your body. Don’t be afraid of taking a day of two off – way more important in marathon training than any other race distance.

5. Don’t let running turn into a chore. It’s for fun!

6. Daily goals are important and this is the most important: simply try to do a little better than yesterday. That’s all you need!

Oh, I almost forgot! My 1-year anniversary recently happened. Thanks to all who have stuck with me on my journey! Your support has been amazing and invaluable.

If you haven’t heard, I’m running my marathon as a fundraiser for Compassion International.

Learn more here. Follow my Facebook page for the fundraiser here. Simply following my page is wonderful support and really helps me feel motivated (and I don’t clog up your news feed – just a few mostly running-related posts a week).


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