Relief through Running

Hello Runners,

I site here typing with a sore mouth. Why is it sore you ask? Well, lucky me, my wisdom teeth are coming in (quite early, too)! Oh joy. I already had crowded and crooked teeth (braces are coming soon), so I do not have room for any more to join the party. My bottom left on is coming in with a vengeance – it hurts sooo bad! I would go so far as to say that my mouth hurts more than my first Half-Marathon did (and that, I have to say, is a lot of pain). I can barely eat (and we all know what that means…I feel sorry for my family for having to live with a runner who can’t eat!). I’ve had to take so much pain medication (I hope my kidneys are feeling okay!), but it barely helps.

Thank goodness running provides relief. Since my jaw goes slack, there is no pressure in the painful areas. I think the blood flow helps the swelling, too, or something. This means I can keep on running! Isn’t it cool how things work out like that?

I’m hoping it all gets taken care of well in advance to my big race at the end of February (more detail coming….)


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