My Apologies! + Tips to get out of a weight loss plateau

Wowzers, I have been a slakin’ on the posts lately. Let that end now….for a while, anyways.

I have been super “on” my weight-loss goals lately. Getting picky about diet, focusing on workouts, etc. he main reason is that I have been dragging myself out of a plateau. I feel like it’s been my first but hump, and getting out hasn’t been easy by any means. Today and yesterday, for example. Last night I had to make cookies for my family. I made it through without so much as a lick or dough off my sticky fingers. However, we went to church today and they had sooo many tempting desserts/snacks after it was painful. Then we come home and there’s a tub of leftover cookies in our cupboard. I have stayed strong, and will continue with all of you as my witnesses.

But. It’s. So. HARD.

Please don’t think I’m depriving myself. I let myself have some treats, but I’m keeping it to “healthier” ones (that’s I really do love and am satisfied with) for a time until I’m back in the zone and losing at a more consistent rate.

I have compiled some things to try that are not so typical when you hit a rut. I’m working on them, so enjoy!

  1. Switch up your workout routine. This is important. Don’t do the same thing month after month. Try to switch it up every 6-ish weeks.
  2. Do cardio before strength work. This one gives you more benefits from the same strength routine. It makes pushups a bit harder, but the benefits are greater than the extra effort.
  3. “Reverse diet”. I first heard abut this term on a RW forum. I’m not sure what is exactly means, but all they said was that you should spend some time eating more. Not more calories than your body means, but not a deficit. I believe the point is that as you cut calories, you may cut a bit more, then more, etc. until you throw your metabolism out of whack. Basically, what I did was increase my calories to a maintenance amount for a week. I did this by eating by hunger – you have to have the self control and “intune-ness” with your body to eat by tummy hunger, and not head hunger to eat by feel, though.
  4. Try eating in different frequencies. Sometimes all you need is to switch it up. Try eating more breakfast and skipping your mid-morning snack, or do the opposite. This one is from experience. Sometimes you need to stick to eating many mini meals. However, changing frequencies for a short time can help some people.
  5. By a cute dress in a size too small. Sorry gents, this one will need to be modified for you. ;PI just did this one. I have been eyeing a dress I’m in love with for a while (here it is – I’m obsessed with ’40’s fashion!), and I got a coupon. I noticed they only had it in a size too small. The things is, I have enough weight to lose (and the proper build) to fit in that size when I reach my goal weight, so I ordered it as  “Christmas present” and I’m not going to put it on until Christmas. The thing is, I have to lose weight for it to fit, so I have a goal – lose 10 pounds by Christmas (about 8.5 weeks away). Unbelievable motivation to not eat 5 cookies!

I also want to let you know that I will be announcing a special fundraiser I’m doing for a cause I’m supporting next week. Stay tuned!

Hope this helped someone. Keep running.


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