Just need to Gloat Here

Well, today was day 2 (out of 5 weeks) of my pre-marathon weight loss period. All is great!

I realized after my half marathon that a major weakness in my recent training is the fact that my routes take me to way to many stop light, making me stop every 1-3 miles. So all those 8 miles runs? Not completed without stopping.

I decided that my marathon training goal is to have all my workouts by nonstop as much as possible (assuming I ‘m not getting any “STOP, PLEASE!” signals from my body). To work towards that, I am doing that in my 5 weight-loss weeks. Today’s run was a 7 mile run (1 mile warm-up, 3×1 mile medium effort + 1 mile easy, 1 mile cool down)….and I did it completely all without stopping. OOOOOOHHHHHH YYYYYYAAAAA! I’m so proud of myself. The thing was, I am pretty sore today from my new workout (I hate the first two days of a new routine when you’re all sore…..but its actually a really fun routine and I enjoy it), so that made it feel challenging. I was sore in all the places I’m hoping to grow in (hips, weird ab spots you didn’t know existed, arms), thank goodness.

I’ve been having some insomnia lately…..its made me tired and it stinks. I’ve had little bouts before, so I think I’ll get over it, but I think I need a little pre-bed “anti-insomnia” routine. I’m researching on RW right now.

Good night runners!


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