Indian Summer Half Marathon: Recap

Alas, I am still alive and, yes, I survived my half marathon.


For those who don’t know, it was my second half marathon. As the name implies, we have and “Indian Summer”, meaning the warm weather lingers a bit here. Luckily it is somewhat cooler in the mornings and was not very warm until the end (when I was REALLY feeling it…..but more on that later).

I have to confess that I didn’t really eat the best I could have the week leading up to my race. I should have been more focused on high carbs and keeping it clean. And stinking eating less.

I also ate a burger the night before-you see, we always have Friday night burgers and I knew it didn’t bother me, so I went ahead. I really needed to eat pasta.

In my defense, I will mention that this race wasn’t a super big target/goal, just something to keep me accountable all summer. Even then, I wish I’d taken it more seriously. I was, unfortunately, really off my groove with being sick for 3 weeks and all (darn cough!).

I slept really well the night before my race, but was still feeling kind of sick in the morning. The adrenaline kept my thinking positive, though. I had everything ready and was ready to go.

I had a good warmup. In most long races, I start as easy as I need to warm up and make up for it later. A wise strategy that is often recommended. However, its usually a good 1-2 minutes slower in pace per mile, which is slower than most go when using that strategy, so I decided to try doing something specifically recommended in RW: mile 1 is 30 seconds slower, mile 2 20 seconds slower, and mile 3 10 seconds slower. Bad idea. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. Not to mention that was such and such seconds slower than my training goal race pace, which would be under ideal conditions. Well, I ignored that I was sick. Another bad idea. Lets just say it wasn’t the prettiest. I also decided that pretzels and Swedish fish don’t work well in a race when you’re running fast and don’t stop. They’re great in training when you have stop lights every 1-2 miles. Races: not so much. I now know to just spend the money on gels.

I ended up going out too fast, having a hard time fueling, and had stomach cramps. I think I ate too much before my race, so I felt a little heavy.

It most certainly wasn’t my best race, but you can’t have a perfect race every time (I’ve been really lucky up till now). I definitely learned a lot! I also ran in to someone I knew a while ago (she was in my age group….and beat me, darn it). According to my training, I could have run a 1:58 under ideal conditions (so my goal was sub-2:00), but I ran (well, actually ran/walk) a 2:13. I’m over it now, but I was kind of disappointed after. But hey, I have to remember that it was a 13 minute PR from 7 months ago! I’ll post some pictures when I can.

I enjoyed having last week off (to get better from my cold, which is gone!) and eating ice cream, but this week I’m kick-starting my 5 week pre-marathon training period. The goal is rapid weight loss through strategic workouts and eating. I’m also going to start a new strength training program to build the hidden base muscles used in running to fill in any gaps. I’m so excited to train for a MARATHON! I’m still dazed! Until Saturday, folks.


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