What if it was your last run….

On Saturday I was plodding west up a hill I so endearingly nicknamed the “Heartbreak Hill” of my area, working towards completing my last “long-run (8 miles) before race day. My legs felt tired and I really wanted to stop to get a break, but a thought struck me.

“What if this was my last run?”

That made me speed up a tiny bit. You see, I have first hand seen some terrible tragedy strike people I know and leave them unable to use their legs. They were young and not the kind of people you expect to go through such a thing.

We all know everyday is a gift, but did you ever consider every run a gift? What if you got hit by a car on your way to work tomorrow and was left paralyzed from the waist down? I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, only to bring up a possible reality that has struck more than we think. Every chance we get to go out and use our legs is something we shouldn’t take for granted. I certainly do, but I think every once and a while, I “get it”. I see how blessed I am to do something so normal, so natural. It gives me one more reason to just love running.

Next time you struggle on your run, or even to get out and do a run, remember those who don’t have the option.


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