10 + 1 Random Bits

For lack of a better post idea, here are 10 really random and varied bits of info/ideas/facts from a runner. It’s basically some resources/websites I like and have learned from, so sorry if I sound like a billboard!

1. Mark Remy is the funniest satirist I’ve read….no, I’m not biased because I’m a runner!

2. Pumpkin is amazing. Tasty in bread, waffles, pancakes, muffins, everything! You just have to remember this one thing: measure it exactly! Don’t add extra for “more pumpkin flavor” (Ha! Fools! Yes, yes I have tried it, and I can tell you this: it sure doesn’t work!). It’s what I call a “scientific” ingredient that makes a difference (like baking soda). Too much and you get a gooey mix that doesn’t cook right. Too little and you get…..well, I don’t know what you get. I’ve never done too little.

3. Want a pedestal for running inspiration? For Christmas I got a magnetic poetry kit that I used on my magnetic wipe-off board (which is awesome) to make little “quotes”. I have to fill some words in with marker, but it makes it look cooler. I change it up ever few weeks or so. The result:


4. Road Runner Sports is one of the best running store to find deals and get the royal treatment…..especially if you join their VIP club….it’s only $1.99 your first year. Try it out! I just bought a water bottle fuel pack and new watch (replacement for my old one) at a major savings. The watch was super cheap (Garmin 210) and came with a HRM, which I don’t need, so I’m going to turn around and sell it. That makes the watch ever cheaper!

5. Pizza is amazing. I make really good pizza. Especially when it’s from Sally. (By the way, this recipe is soo good cold for breakfast). This weekend I tried three new dinner recipes each night (I LOVE cooking). All were major successes!


6. Cottage Cheese is amazingly good when cooked. I can not bring myself to taste cottage cheese because it looks and smells, well, yucky. (For the record, I remember loving it as a child with canned peaches or pears ;p.) I tried this recipe this weekend and found it doesn’t taste gross! It melts, so it isn’t lumpy. I didn’t know this (call be blonde) so I blended it to make it smooth, which is unnecessary.

7. Running scrapbooks are fun to make, keep your running memories fresh, and inspire. I started my scrapbook of all the races I have (and will) do. Here’s some of the pages from my first race ever:

IMG_1653 editedIMG_1654 edited

For every race I include my bib and a favorite quote (often that pertains to something special about that race). The quote feature here is this one:

“I was born to be a runner. I simply love to run. It’s almost like the faster I go, the easier it becomes.” – Mary Decker Slaney

Good for the beginning of my new “lifestyle”, huh?

I look forward to 5 years from now when I can look back, see how I’ve changed, and remember the good times. It’ll be so encouraging!

8. Foam rolling and stretching really help “pre-injuries”. I had some calf issues about a month ago as you know and started stretching and rolling often (about 2x/day) with the addition of KT tape. You have to know when to take time off/see a doctor/ etc., so I got lucky on how I called the shots with this one. I now have no problems with my calves. YA!

9. Shakespeare wrote very inspiring running quotes. Well, one to be exact. I think I want it in large letters on my wall.

“Bid me run and I will strive with things impossible.”
-Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

10. It’s OK to have an extra recovery day when you get a cold. Like I am today. It started yesterday (I blame it on my 15 miler on Saturday and then going out to a bunch of germy public buildings), but I took my trusty Cold-Eez, so it’s not very bad at all. Just feelin’ a little tired. Plus it’s labor day.

*BONUS* 11. Spinach in smoothies! Delicious way to eat a (debatably) slightly less than delicious vegetable! Today I blended 3/4 C frozen mango, 2 C. packed fresh spinach, and 1/4 C. milk. It wasn’t super sweet, but it was more creamy mango than spinach! Increase fruit and milk for a more powerful fruit taste.


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