All the Gear, all the Fun!

Heeelllloooo, runners!

This past week I went on a gear-buying frenzy. Clothing, to be precise. I have a weakness for running clothes but never have many opportunities to buy much (le me rephrase: to buy more, which I don’t actually need).

I’ve discovered something about running gear. If you get the good stuff, it lasts a loooooong time. I have a few exceptions, though. I’ve purchased two pairs of “athletic capris” (whatever that means) at Walmart for something like 10 or 12 bucks each that lasted quite a few wears. They were comfy and I was surprised they lasted (they’re the Danskin brand). They’re great for the gym (I stopped using them for running because they’re a size too large now, so the bouncing motion doesn’t help them stay in place so great).

On the other side, I spent the extra money to purchase Nike miler shirts a few years back and have fallen in love. They’re still going strong (although I lost my favorite light blue one that brought out my eye color…..*sniff*……) and are so cool. Did I mention they’re my everyday shirts, too? Just goes to shoe (wow, I’m such a runner) show Nike can make it like they used to in the olden days (great running bras, too ladies!).

Here I am about to blow your mind. I haven’t owned a new pair of running shoes for about a year and a half. No, I haven’t been wearing the same pair through all my training. I had the brilliant (excuse my modesty) notion to purchase gently used pairs on eBay. Getting your favorite pair of $120 shoes form someone who walked at the store twice in them for $40. Boo-ya! I’m careful to check the pictures of the treads to make sure they’re not worn down or worn enough to adapt to the previous owners gait. So far I haven’t had any problems with shoes yet and I’ve saved loads of money (just bought my third used pair). Keep an eye out for deals before you need them and you can really hit home.

Besides shoes, I decided my winter marathon training needed some extra stuff necessities. So I splurged on a pair of CW-X Pro tights for the cold days (got them on amazon and saved about $30!). I also ordered a Nike wind and water proof jacket (packable!) for cold days that don’t need my snowboarding coat….purchased on eBay for a total savings of $55! I also scored some nice touch screen running gloves at Costco. I’m addicted to deals, I confess. I’m all set for fall and winter.

For those who are yelling “don’t even MENTION cold weather!” I have to elaborate. I absolutely love running in the fall an winter. I love fall for the colors, smells, and mostly food! Mmm, my mouth is watering.

I’m planning a trip to my local running store to try on different fuel belts/carriers to decide which will be best for me. I have a basic Nathan belt (which rocks), but I need water bottles and more fuel pouches. I’m thinking of sticking with Nathan, but I want to test the waters. The problem is, most decked out Nathan belts have sizes and I wear my belt low on my hips, so I’m don’t know what size is best, as they don’t appear to stretch like mine does (hence going to a store). Maybe it will fit higher? Who knows….

I decided to experiment with pretzels for my long run today. I heard they were a good option, and I wanted to see if they would help with the “grumbly” tummy I often get in the last few miles. Turns out they’re awesome! They don’t take much chewing and they kind of melt in your mouth. The salt helped, too. I like feeling like something is filling my stomach. Win-win (with sweedish fish).

I’ve been looking ahead at my race plan for the next two seasons, and I’m excited to say I might be doing the Very Poplar Run (most likely the 15K). So excited!

Enjoy the last of the summer weather!


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