Paddle Boarding for the First Time!

Hello, hello, hello!

Just yesterday I did something new…..I went paddle boarding!

We were having a staff party to celebrate the end of teaching swim lessons this summer and our bosses rented kayaks and paddle boards for us (they’re the best people ever!). I have kayaked once about 7 years ago in a double with my dad on a small lake and remember loving it. Because I wasn’t one to volunteer first, I ended up with a paddle board. I had never been on one and I was, frankly, terrified. I thought I would be terrible at it and just fall off. As it turns out, it really isn’t hard to stay balanced (I did have one that was designed to be more stable than most, but whatev). I wasn’t thinking about balance the whole 2 1/2 hour ride (we did stop halfway for lunch, but that’s still a while to go). When you paddle correctly, it’s all core and barely arms. Again, I ended up finding this wasn’t hard (bless you, runner’s body/core). I absolutely loved it. We were on a river and going with the stream, but you would barely move when you didn’t paddle, so I was working. It’s really a great workout – I’m determined to buy one someday. The thing was, I had a hard gym session and tempo stationary bike workout RIGHT before going. You should have seen the redness on my arms from the lactic acid during my bike – think sunburn. So my muscles were already shaky and tired. I pressed on and really worked yesterday. For lunch, they got us pizza (uh oh), but luckily they got some flat-bread pizzas (ya for thin crust!). Keeping in mind it was pizza, I didn’t eat so much of it (about 1/3 or less of a pizza, 2 pizzas filled a normal sized box) and ate a large handful of blueberries. I was just satisfied, so I think pushing myself like that yesterday was good for fat-burning. I still had energy, though.

Anyway, if you’ve considered paddle boarding DO IT!!!

(I have to admit, I think the whole paddle boarding yoga craze is justified. It looks so cool! Maybe I’ll take up yoga….anyway, those kinds of pictures are fun to look at.)

The only downside to yesterday?

It was right before today. What’s so special about today you ask? My 14-mile long run. Oooh, burn.

I think I used a good about of my glycogen stores yesterday and didn’t replenish so well. Either way, I pushed on the run and hit good paces. It was tough, but I really wanted to succeed and had a fire burning, even thought I didn’t feel 100%. The only thing is, afterwards my stomach has been feeling weird. I feel hungry but eating doesn’t really feel great. It’s getting better, though.  I also tried a cool bath after (no ice, no way!) of the coldest water the tub would give me. I thought, “Well, my legs are dead, this would be a good idea. I’ll go 10 minutes.” Haha….ha….I gave up at about 7 minutes. No way I’m doing that. I get so cold 20 minutes after my run without the help of cold water! Cold as in sweatshirt, fuzzy socks, and leg warmers – in summer!

I started a “treat-streak”. That’s my term for a period of time when you go without treats/refined sugar (as in bad deserts) with the exception of food during long runs. I do it every now and then to break my sugar addiction and help when I’m plateauing on my weight-loss.  I’m shooting to keep it up until my race (just short of 6 weeks). I started on the 11th. I’ve been tempted, but stayed strong. I got 2 boxes of Swedish fish from some students of mine, so I decided to put it to good use and eat it during my run. Since it’s convenient, I would eat some every miles (that was my push….”In half a mile I get candy! Come on, go!”). It turned out to work very well (and be tasty….yum!). I may have found my new fuel. Now what to do about the red food dye….hmmm……

Here’s to trying new thing and reaching for your dreams and goals!


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