July Update

Whew, have I got a lot of stuff to update! Much has happened since my last post (which was forever ago, I know). For starters, I ran my traditional Camp Patriot 5K on the 4th (third year in a row!). Since it was so long ago, I won’t do a full recap. It was very good day in regards to the weather (not too hot, no wind). I was feeling good and just planned to run hard (note it was my first 5K “blind” aka with no GPS watch in a while) and see what I could do. They changed the course so that it ended on first base at the stadium by the course. This, which I discovered to my immense pleasure during the race, eliminated the second “killer” hill that was once a part of the previous course. This, I like to believe, gave me the upper hand and helped me run a….drumroll please…25:40! Well, my time is kind of iffy. The website says I ran 26:00. However, I timed my race from crossing the start to a few seconds after crossing the end (which is a generous 25:40). I think the website time was from gunshot, which was a bit before I started (hello?! I thought this was chip-timed!), but whatever. We shalt quibble over technicalities. It was a major improvement from last year’s 29:50. Guess what? This means I improved my 5K time by a stinking 9 minutes in two years! AWESOME! At this rate I will be running a sub-20 in two years….just kidding. I know like isn’t that cool. I’m just starting to think maybe I can be fast. Losing over 20 pounds probably helped a lot. With another 25 lbs. to goal (marathon) weight, I bet I’ll be flying soon. Can’t wait to see what potential I have. I supposedly am all set to run a sub-2:00 half so yaaa!

A few weeks ago I took a week off to let my sore calf heal. I’m glad I did. One week’s rest took care of it and I have since been pain-free. The problem is that whenever I take time off, it takes 1-2 weeks to actually finish all my runs completely and on pace again. I have been doing well this week, however, so it would seem all is well. I also had some out of the ordinary weekends that inhibited my running schedule, so I’m a few long runs behind (luckily those are my strong points and most favorite runs).

I suppose I need to come to grips with the fact that while typing this I ate a doughnut and go in a corner to think about what I’ve done. Poor me. Hey, has anyone found calorie-free doughnuts yet? Anyone? No? Well, come on! With our technology you would think a simple doughnut would be easy. Oh well, back on track tomorrow.


One thought on “July Update

  1. Let me know about those calorie free donuts! I ordered sushi for dinner tonight (I can have carbs, darnit! I’m running!), and they gave me an extra California roll. And I ate it. All. If I didn’t actually order it, then the calories technically don’t count. 😉

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