Rekindling the Fire

Earlier this week I was feeling crummy.

I was sick and tired.

Sick of setting hard goals.

Sick of never meeting them.

Sick of feeling like I was never getting anywhere, never improving.

Sick of feeling “heavy”.

Sick of eating clean and not enjoying food anymore.

But then something clicked. Friday afternoon (when I’m usually most tired and sluggish), to be exact. I was at the gym on the bike. And my new song “It’s not Over Yet” came on. I finally decided.

Decided to not give up.

Decided it was worth the pain, pushing, and sacrifice.

Decided I still loved it.

Decided I WANTED this.

So I’m pressing on, training for my second half (to take place in September), still working on my weight loss goal. I had an amazing 9 mile long run yesterday, so I’m feeling a little better. Plus I’m registered for the Fourth of July 5K I do to support our troops. That adds a bit of a kick in the rear end. 🙂


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