The comeback….or so I hope

Well hello all!

I had a wonderful blog vacation. Very hectic, actually, but enjoyable.

This week I start training for my second half marathon. I have a goal to get down to my ideal race weight. The though to shoot for a sub 2:00 came into my head, but it’s very liquid….like melted Jell-O. I think with the hard running  (and extra cross- and strength training I can do in the summer) plus the weight loss, it might be possible in ideal conditions. It’s my top of the pyramid goal. I want to really race this half hard. I took my first one easy to enjoy it as much as possible and get to know what a half feels like. With that in mind, I know I can run much faster if I run hard.

In addition to the half, I’m also training for a short sprint triathlon (and I mean short, even for a sprint) in August (all my training will prepare me for it, so it’s more for fun). I picked up some good reads at the library and am educating myself on tri’s. I dusted off my 80’s entry road bike from last year and have put on a few miles on the crumbly tires. I then got back into my intro sport, swimming, and remembered how much I love the water. I didn’t realize I missed it so much.

Speaking of swimming, this summer I have a job as a…..swim instructor! Bonus: I’m skipping internship and jumping in (excuse the pun) as a paid instructor. Yipee!

One of the tri books I’m reading has an awesome goal system. You have a pyramid with three tiers: the top is a huge, seemingly impossible in the moment goal, the middle it a hard 6-12 month goal, and the bottom is shorter, month-ish goals to keep motivation up and keep things moving. I really like it.

I personally have needed the extra push to build up to the high fitness level I was at and beyond. Hopefully it will grow and I will have the same excitement to train as I had last summer. 🙂


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