March First – Hittin’ the Trails!

I’m just coming off of spring break. It was a great chance to spend time with my sister home from college and accomplish a March first – my first trail run!

It was on Badger Mountain (really a big hill) with my aunt. We just went 4.5 miles on a portion of the paths that my race will be on (next week!). It has some major inclines so I’m sticking to my plan to hike some of it. But the view us unbelievable! On one side of the “mountain” you look down into the city (cool) and on the other you look down into the fields and grape farm/winery areas (even better view). I really enjoyed not having to smell and hear cars and exhaust (yuk). I’m already stuck on this whole trail thing. Definitely going to do more of it in the summer.

This morning I attempted my 9 mile long run. I had a piano competition (last of the season!) in the late morning, so I just couldn’t focus on the run. I ended up running about 2.25 miles and then walking home about 2 miles.

For this piano competition I wasn’t expecting to place (I just do it for fun). There were 6 participants (yes, very small). There was one other student from my teacher who is an amazing pianist (I’m one of his biggest fans ;D) and I have been so sure would win (he did). Lo and behold, I placed third (I have to admit, I played nearly flawlessly – my best performance of this piece)! Now I have two bronze medals from this competition. Even after hearing the other participants I didn’t think I would place so I was pleasantly surprised.

This afternoon I went out and did 5 miles. Today was just not my running day. 😦 I hate those days….



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