Dear Legs: A letter + February First!

Dear Legs,

You’re pretty awesome. You have these cool muscles that wiggle and get a great reaction from friends when flexed. You trod step after step during my long, fast, and even short runs. You never fail to bring some happiness from even just a short run. You can ride bikes, too. You help me dance when I’m happy and kick box when I’m upset.

Sometimes I look at you and call you fat. I wish you were skinnier and didn’t rub together when I ran. I wish you looked good in swimming boyshorts.

But you take the insults all in stride. You help me do the things I love, the things that make a difference.

Some people don’t have legs. They can’t run, they can’t dance, they can’t let out steam at the gym by kicking a sandbag. They don’t feel the wind in their face as their legs plod, pulse, push under them.

But God decided I should have legs that work like a charm, at least for now.

So thanks. I’ll stay in touch, because I know you’ll stick around for the long run.


Happy February!

I technically did a February first today: 15 mile long run. Oh yeah, baby! I honestly loved every moment. Yes, the last miles felt like eternity. But sometimes eternity can be fun (only you guys get it…). I tested my fuel strategy for my race and I feel like I’m really ready. Now to start the taper…..*terrified scream*. How will I survive marathoning when the time comes?! 🙂 All. Day. I’ve. Been. So. HUNGRY! But I’ve been very good about eating right….I did, however, indulge right after with a healthy treat:


I ate it with milk sans the peanut butter drizzle and chocolate chips after my run. Here’s the website (WARNING: It’s addictive and filled with deliciousness):

Note: This recipe makes 6 1/2 C. granola (w/o chocolate chips), not 3-4. Also, next time I think I’m going to up the honey to 1/2. C. or use the chocolate chips-it would be even better sweeter. 😉

I find I tend to be very unproductive after super long runs. Luckily I did the cleaning before pounding the pavement.

Sadly, my earphones finally broke on Friday (bless my sister for lending me hers for my run today). 😦 The sweat and tugging them around probably doesn’t help them last long….I wonder if they have earphones that are designed for runners.

I realized it has been a while since I last rode my bike-with the bad winter weather, I’ve just stuck to a stationary bike. Effort level easily controlled and you don’t have to stop at stoplights. I need to pull my bike out of the garage soon. I haven’t named my bike yet….any ideas? 😀

I’ve started working towards those pull-ups. This video is really helpful:

I started with the jumping chin-ups….and I think I strained my biceps. They’ve been pretty sore…..ugh. I will keep at it though and will do pullups!

I hope everyone (and their diets) survive those superbowl parties!

I have a date with some dark chocolate….


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