Update: Lesson learned on the long run

I never thought I would have that rude awakening during a long run when it comes to fueling.

Lesson learned.

I’ve been a little unwise in reference to my diet. No, not gorging on cookies at midnight. More like not eating enough (not exactly starving myself, but closer to that direction). I haven’t been eating enough carbs at the right time to support my workouts, so I’ve been failing. On a positive note, I focus on keeping the base of my meals fruits and vegetables. This is not as good for my pre-workout meal, however. This combined with recent fatigue and weakness (either still recovering from that cold…or maybe I’m getting anemia….just to be a little pessimistic).

So Saturday’s 10 miles turned into 5 miles of run/walking.

Today’s gym workout was very successful, so I’m looking up. I really am excited for my half marathon!

If you haven’t heard of Athletes in Action, now is the time! With all the Olympics business going around (they seriously need a snow-marathon or something) it’s time to get involved. It’s a great organization that I wish to be able to expand my involvement in. Check it out: http://www.athletesinaction.org/ Sign up now to get names for prayer soon: http://olympics.athletesinaction.org/prayer-strategy/

Sorry for having such small and boring posts as of late….I will work hard on this weekend’s post.

Happy running!


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