Good Morning!
I haven’t really been able to run at all this week. Happy new year to me! On Tuesday, I went over to watch Little Dorrit with friends, planning to do an evening run, but my neck got really stiff and cramped and I couldn’t turn my head. So I planned on running Wednesday morning. Well I woke up only to feel yucky and discovered I had caught my sisters cold (love ya deer!). As I didn’t feel too terrible, I decided to just rest that day and run Thursday. Well Thursday came along and I decided a little easy run would be good to clear up my lungs (I had no cough so I considered it safe). I set out to do a very easy 4 miler, but decided to run a different path that was a little over 3 miles. Well about .75 mi. in I started to feel very tired. So in the end I ran 2 miles. Oh well. I was pretty sure I would be better by today, as my symptoms were very minor and I usually recover very well. But I was a bad little girl and did not eat enough fresh foods, ate more sugar than a sick person should, and (for shame) stayed up late watching movies, even when I knew my inner clock wouldn’t let me sleep in. So here I am, missing my 13 mile training run. I also missed my 12 miler two weeks ago. I will try to recover and be a better little runner and get a long run in next weekend. I am trying to not freak out and believe my half marathon plans are ruined. I have 7 weeks until the race. Breath, in, out…..calm……whew, I think I’ll live.
On a happier note, I found out from the race director that they are providing honey stingers, my gel of choice! YAA!

Hope all of you are at least having new year success. Happy running.


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