Cable Bridge 10K Video + On My Book Shelf

I finally got my video up. It’s my first so expect it to be a little, ah, well, we’ll say novice. View it here:

Hopefully it plays….

I’ve been enjoying doing practically nothing but lounge, watch movies and play games with my family, and running. Today I am going to the gym, so hopefully Christmas isn’t doing too much damage. 😉

I have been enjoying reading some of the books I got for Christmas. They’re favorites of mine and now I can stop checking them out at the library!

run lessRun Less Run Faster

This book really got me stated on running purposefully. The Novice 5K program was the first plan I really followed. I remember thinking “I have to run 5 MILES! Are you nuts!”. Now 5 miles is much less daunting (even at short tempo pace). It’s really worked well with my body type (especially through some strange injuries I received after I started running for a few months) and I really progress with this method. I enjoy the tough running. For me, I really enjoy the feeling of speed and even flying at times with the speedwork, how you feel so strong during tempo knowing your pace is tough but you keep it up for 6, 7, etc. miles. I’ve really become attached to longs runs. I get pretty tired out mentally, but I feel they really strengthen me and my strength is definitely not speed, it’s just going out and running endlessly. I don’t think I’ll ever do ultras, but there’s a reason I’m training for a half and eventually full instead of track/xc. Also, I’m thinking of doing some sprint tri’s this summer, so this plan will work well to add in swimming along with the planned running/biking. I think I might even use this method for the rest of my life ;P



runners bodyRunner’s World: The Runner’s Body

I love science and really train “scientifically”, so anything with numbers, charts, and biology/body related information is going to sweep me in. Add in running and BAM! I’m sucked in. I find this book helpful, informative, and very interesting. It covers lots of material and has a nice format. I’ve used many tips from this book and they help me quite a bit. It’s a good resource to pull out every once in a while when you have a question about something. It has a pleasing format and pictures, charts, etc. inserted.





untitledRunner’s World: Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training

(I actually got this for my b-day earlier this month)

This baby is my new best friend. It’s a must have if you’re training for your first half or full and even still a great resource for vets. I pick up more every time a read a page. It’s loaded with tips from the well-known running experts, as well as real-life stories of success and “oops!” moments. I can’t really think of anything that’s not in this book. I especially enjoyed reading the story of a lady who trained for a full and wanted to lose 30 lbs. doing it. This was encouraging knowing someone else was doing that too and succeeded. I will definitely continue to use this book for all my long race needs.

Soon I will evaluate my running status, take a walk down memory lane in my running log, and come up with some tangible goals for 2014. Hopefully I will have a similarly successful running year next year! This year was a blast and definitely one to remember.

I’m eagerly awaiting my first issue of RW to come….I ordered a 2 year subscription in November when they had their amazing deal and it should be coming soon. I subscribed in 2012 but never renewed it. I look foreward to it because it helps me stay motivated and interested.

Until next time! Happy holiday running!


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