Cable Bridge Run 10K Race Recap

Saturday the 21st I ran the Cable Bridge Run 10K

My goal was to finish sub 1:00 (my previous PR was 1:03:57 in August), a goal I felt  was tough but attainable. I actually wasn’t training for this race, it was more of a progress tracker for my half. Nonetheless, I was very excited to participate in this race, as I did it last year with my aunt as my first 10K. It was also my first “bigger” race I did alone, which has its own exhilarating properties.

I was kind of eating more junk than usual the week beforehand (go figure), but I still felt good. That morning my stomach was a little more sensitive to food, so I didn’t end up eating as much as I planned. However, in the end I was properly fueled.

I warmed up with an easy mile. Our street was icy, so I had to run in the car tracks that didn’t have ice 🙂 All was well, as this was early on a Saturday morning, so I was less likely to get run over.

I arrived about an hour before the race started. I have never arrived that early, so the sight of empty porta-potties was very shocking to me. 😀 I did some easy warm-up exercises, hung out in the warm car, and then later joined the santa hat clad runners in the line up. Last year I lined up with the “joggers, walkers, stroller” because the next section was for 8-10 minutes milers. I was pleased to line up in a faster spot this year.

I survived the start with out getting trampled. As is common, most of the people around me zoomed out, while I paced myself with consideration to the uphill on the bridge we were facing. I was feeling good and super ready to rush my PR. The first mile completely zoomed by. I saw the 1 mile marker and was like “what? Did I turn somewhere and take a short cut?!”. After that mile, though, I started to feel some tightness/soreness in the muscle on the front of my right leg. I really didn’t want to stop the entire race, and it wasn’t so bad so I pushed through. It eventually faded and I’m still not sure what caused it (previous day’s easy bike ride?). Basically the whole race flew by. I passed a lot of people. I also recognized the whole path from last year. It was a pretty flat course and I enjoyed being around more people for the majority of the race.

There was one scare on a little stretch of road that had some remaining ice and snow. The runners were migrating to the narrow gravel side paths that had more traction. Luckily, I was behind a quick lady who was going the perfect speed for me (I was relieved I didn’t get stuck behind someone very slow 🙂 ). The last .4-ish mile of the course is a long, straight stretch. It was tough last year seeing the end but feeling like it took forever to get there. This year that pushed me and I really kicked at the end. I eventually settled in next to a guy who was also kicking and sounded like a freight train. We kind of started to  “one-up” each other and basically raced to the end. I was going to just let him finish a few step ahead of me, but he started slowing so I passes him. 😀 I was ecstatic to see my self recorded finish time of 58:57, although I see the results show it really was 58:51!

Something I appreciated was the fact that the race had been well-marked, so I have my mile splits. Here you go number geeks (myself included):

Mile         Time         Pace

1              10:56        10:56

2              21:13        10:17

3              30:23        9:10

4              39:23        9:00

5              48:23        9:00

6.2           58:51        8:44

Overall Time: 58:51

Average Pace: 9:30

I made my way to the tables where I ended up scarfing down four (delicious) cookies (they’re the best I’ve ever tasted, especially cold) and three cups of hot Dr. Pepper. Yum!

I ended up loosing a glove, so I had to switch glove hands while waiting for the bus. It was COLD! Waiting in 30 degree weather when you’re soaking wet is not exactly fun, I must say. In line I was talking to a guy who recognized me (I passed him during the race) for my neon headband (one of my favorite clothing items). It was his first 10K and he also had the goal of finishing sub 1:00, which he met! Whoo!

Since I was supposed to run a 12 mile long run, I’d planned on running 5 easy miles when I got home to kind of make up for it, but It was to cold and I felt like I was going to puke when I tried to run again. 😦 Oh well, I think a major PR is good enough excuse to skip it.

Over all it was a super fun race and a great day. I did some Christmas errands and went on a coffee date with my sister (a birthday gift from her). Later my siblings and I all went to another coffee shop (you’re seeing a trend now, aren’t you?) and played a super fun game (the name escapes me).

Next stop: Richland Run Fest Half Marathon!

Until next time! Happy running.

P.S. My movie maker soft ware has stopped working, so I’m trying to find a way to put together my vlog of race day. I’ll post it as soon as I can!

Also, I’ll try to post more while I’m on Christmas break, so check often!


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