Gym Time and Holiday Survival

Greetings fellow runners!

The cold weather has really set in! With temps. in the teens and low twenties, it’s time to start layering. Unfortunately, my leggings don’t protect very well in temperatures this low, even when I add legwarmers, so I’m going to attempt to wear two pairs of leggings tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes….speaking of tomorrow, I’m going to be running 11 miles, a new distance record for me! Yaah!

I feel it is time to divulge my long run fuel. I had been using honey stingers gels, but I don’t really want to spend a bunch of money on gels, so now I use…..raisins! Well, a mix of raisins and craisins. I like how they don’t require a bunch of water. The only tricky thing is having to chew and run, but I usually either eat them at stop lights or just walk a few meters. Anyhow, they seam to supply a good energy stream for me, and they also have the benefits of being real food with nutrients. The fiber may bother some, but so far I haven’t noticed it.

Like most runners, I like to do strength training, especially now that I’m training for longer distances.  As weird as it sounds, I actually enjoy strength training. I don’t, however, do easy workouts. I really push myself; it build confidence, strength, and burns lot of calories, which is good for weight loss. It usually looks like I was rained on about 15-20 minutes into my workout-yeah, I like intensity. My circuit-style strength workouts aim for 3 sets of heavier weights with fewer reps. For example, my leg workout was 3x 15 dumbbell squats, 10/side single leg squats w/ dumbbell, 10/side one sided squats (hold dumbbell on one side-helps stabilize core in fatigue), and 10/side basketball lunges w/ medicine ball. The circuits actually keep my heart rate up in a low cardio zone. Now I’m going full time with the Nike training club app (kind of designed for girls).

Right now at the gym I do my bike workout, then do the Jodie Williams “Fast Track” workout, the Jeanette Jenkins “Ab Blast” workout, and I’m just now adding the Laura Enever “Fierce” workout. Very challenging (especially all the jumping in Jodie’s!); it will really push me!

The last few weeks I’ve been having a hard time keeping on track with my diet. I’ll be eating really well until dinner, and then I’ll either over eat or not be able to resist the dessert! It’s really been breaking me down. I’m wondering if I should take a break from trying to loose weight and just focus on maintaining my current weight and training. After all, tis the season, right? 🙂 Really, I’m not sure what would be the wisest thing. BI use the My Fitness Pal app (I love my fitness apps ;P) which really helps me keep track of my diet. So no more excuses-I pulling it together. I think I’m going to just try to keep my diet as clean as possible and let myself enjoy a few more occasional treats. I’ll see how it goes.

I’ll try to post Saturday evening.

Happy running!


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