It’s Thanksgiving time!

“It’s thanksgiving time! It’s turkey time! His name is Tom, he’s a bird, that’s the word, Tom’s a biiiirrrrdddd!”

Pop Quiz: Do you know who and on what tv show that was sung?

Give up?

The Cosby Show, sung by Olivia Kendall. (Bonus points to anyone who already knew that :D).

Well, as I like to go against the grain of the runners tradition of running a Turkey Trot, this morning I did 1000 meter “track” repeats. Total miles: 6. I think I earned my slice of pumpkin pie 🙂 Please comment with either your Thanksgiving running traditions or simply with what you did today (as far as running goes).

For what I think is the first time, I actually didn’t stuff myself. I stopped eating when I was pretty much satisfied! I use my fitness pal to track my calories (great app, try it out!), but for holidays I give it a day off. I just use common sense and try to keep my diet somewhat balanced, but the goal is to simply enjoy stress-free eating for a day. A day off form calorie counting is good, mentally and I think even physically. Stressing over such things can take its toll. I did keep some things in mind (don’t drink calories, pick one type of bread and just one potato dish, eat sugary dishes in smaller amounts), as going way out of balance makes me feel yucky (too much sugar = irritable and bleh). I enjoyed it thoroughly (didn’t even need to take a post-feast nap). The best part was my slice of pumpkin pie (with whipped cream, please) and a cup of coffee (milk, no sugar). Mmm… much more enjoyable when you eat treats rarely.

I truly am thankful I can run. I enjoy running and its side benefits so much. Every time I thought about running today, I think of Cassidy Almquist, a young woman at my church, who possibly will never run again. If you don’t know her story, check out her Facebook page right now!

Well, I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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